AF 2000 Semi Synthetic Solution


  • AF 2000 is a translucent blue, water soluable, synthetic sawing fluid designed to be a moderate to heavy duty sawing fluid where long life of the coolant is desired. AF 2000 is also able to be used in sawing operations.
  • Metals: Carbon steels, Alloy steels, Cast iron, High alloys steels, Stainless steels and exotic alloys


  • Enviromentally Friendly: Is easy to maintain and control.
  • Low Foaming: Even under high agitation conditions
  • Excellent Corrosion Control: Organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitiors protect machinery and parts from rust.
  • Rancidity Control: Very resistant to attack by mold and bacteria
  • Exceptionally Mild: A great choice for individual saw applications
  • Operator and Machine Friendly: Pleasant to use. Does not smoke or leave a slippery, oily film on parts or machinery. Stable and transparent.
  • Formulated Specifically for Sawing and Grinding
  • Lubricates and cools extending tool life
  • Enhanced lubrication for improved tool penetration
  • Improves life and maintenance of machine wear parts
  • Does not contain chlorine, sulfur, silicon, petroleum oils or sulfonates
  • Long sump life-Biodegradable
  • Non-Foaming
  • Safe to use, non irritating to operators


  • 1:7 for sawing applications